A new mobile shopping network

Find and connect with your favorite stores

You decide based on your interests and location

Save products from your store team feed

Review store feeds and save posts to plan your shopping trip

Get special targeted offers at home

Promotions and discounts help you decide when to go shopping!

and store feeds enable a new local shopping experience
Shopping becomes more fun, efficient and rewarding with daily messaging about products, store services, and fantastic deals - from your favorite local stores and brands.
Review brands
and see what each brick-and-mortar store offers
Shop for your favorite brands across local stores and save the posts needed to plan a curated shopping trip - in as many stores as you like!
Targeted offers
tailored to you from the stores you choose
Updates from your stores, your brands and great discounts are at your fingertips every day of the week, and you can shop local to support your community.
brings inspirational shopping trips back for today's digital-first consumer
Our new shopping experience powers a 21st Century treasure hunt - you will discover the local store gems in your neighborhood, and get to know the passionate merchants behind them!
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A new mobile shopping network